Bathroom Buddies

I went to poop in the office bathroom, and when I sat down a lady colleague sat in the adjacent stall. We both opened our orifices at the same time and released our waste simultaneously; she peed and I pooped. She peed a long, steady stream, and my poo log slowly churned out with the rhythm of her urine. The end of my turd fell out my butt and made a loud plop in the toilet, and her bladder took that as a cue to cut the stream. It was very melodious and synchronized. I looked in the toilet to peek-a-poo, and I was smitten to see a 12 inch poopie staring back at me. I would have low-fived my potty neighbor underneath the stall separator, but I had just wiped my butt. I’m sure her hands weren’t that clean either. Instead I gave her a silent nod of acknowledgement and left the bathroom ASAP because my poop was still stinkin’ up the place.

Bathroom buddies
Friends Forever

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