Bazooka Butt

Men aren’t the only ones with bazooka butts. My mom has a mega machine gun fart box. She can really rip one like she just ate a can of beans, but she doesn’t need beans to make her sputtering wet bean farts. Her butt is just gifted when it comes

Fart Face

Friday evenings I go to a fitness class after work. The room is small, so it gets crowded. Doing push ups is a little like playing Twister– you have to maneuver yourself to avoid touching anyone. I somehow found a spot where my head was close to a guy’s mid-section.

Precious Poops

Sorry it’s been a little quiet on the forefront. I haven’t had any poots or toots worth mentioning in the last week. I did have sushi the other night, and then I pooped a little turd that looked like a fish, but it sank unlike a fish so that wasn’t