Poopoo dance

I hate doing the poopoo dance. It’s very much like the peepee dance, except instead of holding in an exploding bladder, I’m holding in an exploding anus. An exploding anus of exploding diarrhea. I was at the convenience store taking my time looking at snacks. Then all of a sudden, I started to feel a little punch in my belly and a bit queasy in my head… and then there was a powerful surge of mud trying to break through my butt. I was carrying my snacks and waiting in line to pay for them when this happened. What to do? Drop everything and run to the dirty bathroom? Or pay for my stuff and run to the dirty bathroom? Well, I was already in line, so I waited and did my hold-in-my-poopoo-dance. I had to use all my strength to keep my butt shut. I didn’t know if any gas had seeped out, I was too dizzy and sweaty to notice if the aura around me stunk. Had I waited one second too long, my underwear would have ended up brown and heavy (and chunky). But dang, them snacks were good eatin’ afterwards!

mmm, snacks!

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