My friend was telling me a story about how he was at a dinner party. He felt a little discomfort in his stomach, let out a little fart, and excused himself to the bathroom. After he dropped his trousers to sit on the toilet, he found out that he didn’t just fart, he sharted. As he looked down at his pants, he saw the debris from his shart soaked through his khakis. Poor guy. He had poop on his pants. Not only that, poor chair. His poop transferred from his butt through his pants and into the cloth cushion of the seat. Those left at the table were wondering why it smelled like a dirty bathroom midway through the dinner. When he went back to the table he made up some excuse like he left his TV on and had to go home. Then he backed away from the table, keeping his butt out of sight towards the front door. Hahaha.

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