Hope everyone had a great Christmas. My days leading up to Christmas was full of constipation and butt pain. I had to poop really badly the day before, but I didn’t have time to stop and sit on the toilet because of work. I held in my poop for a

Poo Princess

I went on vacation last week to the happiest place on earth: Walt Disney World. It was indeed a happy and magical time. However, my travel constipation kicked in. I didn’t poop the entire week I was there. That made my time on the rides a little uncomfortable. Every bump


I had a huge poo this morning. It felt soft, warm, and mushy coming out of my fartbox. I peeked at my poop, and it was a blobby sloshy gunky mess in the toilet. However when I wiped my bunghole, there was nothing on the toilet paper. Immaculate poop. How