Hope everyone had a great Christmas. My days leading up to Christmas was full of constipation and butt pain. I had to poop really badly the day before, but I didn’t have time to stop and sit on the toilet because of work. I held in my poop for a few hours until I could no longer stand the internal pain of rock hard turds pushing against my anus. I made my trip to the office bathroom and pushed as much as I could. Nothing came out. I had bowel movements but no turds. I could feel the poops and the pressure of them sitting right inside my butthole. It was a horrible feeling.. knowing there was poop right at my exit hole, but it refusing to come out.

Ten minutes had already passed with nothing to show, so I returned to my desk. I could not concentrate on work with all that anal pressure and pain around my butt. I waited 20 minutes and tried one more time at the office bathroom. Pushed. Nothing. It was only 4pm, but I went home anyway because my constipation had rendered me useless with work. I didn’t have any luck at home either. So instead of sitting on the toilet until my legs fell asleep, I uncomfortably limped around the house until I felt like I could poop. 30 minutes later I was finally ready. I sat and pushed. Felt like I ripped something down there. I looked in the toilet expecting to see the biggest fattest turd ever to exit a 100lb girl. Instead I saw two regular sized logs. I was confused for a moment. Why couldn’t I initially push those out? They weren’t big at all. The only explanation I can think of is both turds were head to head inside my bunghole during the initial pushing, and they were both fighting to escape at the same time, but my poor little fartbox wasn’t big enough to accommodate two turds exiting at once. So finally one turd backed off so the other one could free itself first while the second one patiently waited for its turn. Whatever it was, I hope I don’t experience this again because it totally sucked. I need to drink more water to prevent constipation. But that’s a whole nother story.

The cure for constipation

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