I am a Lady

I was at my boyfriend’s place eating dinner and watching TV. We had ice cream for dessert. My inability to digest lactose had my intestines gurgling and filling up with gas. I didn’t want to fart next to him because I knew it would be stinky (I’m a really nice

Bazooka Butt

Men aren’t the only ones with bazooka butts. My mom has a mega machine gun fart box. She can really rip one like she just ate a can of beans, but she doesn’t need beans to make her sputtering wet bean farts. Her butt is just gifted when it comes

Fruit Farts

Eating too many cherries gives me a ton of gas and diarrhea. I hadn’t pooped in two days, so I ate 1.5 pounds of cherries last night. About 30 minutes later, my butt turned into a high-powered wind machine. I was farting so much that I couldn’t tell what was