Need more Shanna

I am in a bit of a Shanna obsession right now. Since I didn’t start this blog until the end of 2009, I don’t have the first Shanna skit linked on my site. Well, I went on the internets and searched for it. Click on the image below for your viewing pleasure.

“Cake gives me really bad stinky squirty diarrhea.”
“I pooped my skirt, I pooped all inside my skirt.”

Sexy Shanna

Other Shanna skits:
Oops, it’s funny. I just realized a bunch of tiny little turds squeezed out when I did that last lift over there. Oooh, oh I pooped my ski pants. I turded all inside my ski pants.”

And the funny thing is, I didn’t pull up an apple. It was a big round squishy cow dump, and it was squishing around in my mouth, and then I chewed it, and I was so embarrassed I just swallowed it, and my breath smelled like real bad stinky cow butt!”

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