I had the squirts bad.. this was at work, so I ran into the office bathroom and hurriedly released the poisons trying to escape my body via butthole. I was in such a rush that I didn’t notice there was someone in the stall next to mine. I pushed out my gooey turds, I farted some nasty wet bean gassiness, and I even made some ehn! sounds. It wasn’t until after my last vocal push that I noticed my coworker’s shoes in the next stall. I still had some goo left to push out, so I tried to do it as quietly as possible, but it really is not possible to have a quiet diarrhea session. After she flushed, I continued to stay in my stall, waiting for her to leave. I thought she had gone, so I emerged from my stankhole, and she was at the sink. She said Hi, but I know in her mind she said Hi, Farty McFartsy Fartface. That’s what I would have thought.

I Googled 'fartface' and this came up. lol.

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