Everything’s Gone Green

Does eating Lucky Charms cereal, particularly the green clovers marshmallows (not alone but along with the rest of the cereal) turn your poop green? I just went number three (diarrhea) and it was green. Really green. Grass green. It even turned the toilet water a tint of puke green. I went through a list of all the foods I ate today… tator tots, ground beef, Lucky Charms, milk, cheeseburger, fries, water, grape-flavored Lemonhead candy, Heath bar, Coke.. the only food item that had green in it was a small few bits of clover marshmallows (and yes I see how unhealthy my diet is). I’m also positive the poo is from today’s menu (it’s late in the day, and I pooped two solid logs earlier today a few hours apart). Even though it looked like green mushy sewage, it smelled like normal poo and not my usual sewage poo. That was a delightful relief.

They're magically pooplicious!

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