Poo Log: 01 – 08 March 2016

Type: Single brown cumulus cloud poop log covered in slimy white film. Same poops for the last few days Smell: Minimal smell. However, yesterday’s poop lingered halfway out my sphincter for a while until I pinched it off. I could definitely smell that. Where: Office bathroom (single room with toilet and

Poo Log: 29 Feb 2016

Type: Diarrhea: Individual mini soft two inch tapered logs Smell: The worst kind of diarrhea smell: Newborn baby diarrhea Where: Office bathroom (single room with toilet and sink) Time: 9 AM Duration: Couple minutes of pooing, a few more minutes of waiting for extra flushes and for smell to dissipate. Sprayed room with lemon

Poo Log: 28 Feb 2016

Type: Round 1: Smooth ‘n skinny log. Maybe 8 inches; slid right into toilet hole so only partially visible Round 2: Tapered, pointy, flaky diarrhea poo shards Smell: None Where: Bedroom bathroom Time: 4 PM & 5:30 PM Duration: Round 1: Poo glided out of butt within seconds of sitting down