Fart Girl

It was a great start to the new year at the office yesterday. I had a yogurt for breakfast followed by a couple multi-vitamins. I’m not sure which of the two did it, but I had the worst diarrhea gurgling all morning after breakfast. It was LOUD. So loud that people sitting two cubes down could hear it. The sound was horrifying.. it was like I had an alien inside me taking a watery shit. I tried to poop in the office bathroom, but all that escaped from my butt were bubbly machine gun farts. I had a meeting that morning, too. I don’t think the client nor I could concentrate with all those farty noises shooting off in my abdomen every three seconds. I don’t want to be known as Fart Girl.

Fart Girl

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  1. a | | Reply

    eu kero xeirar

  2. Amber | | Reply

    GURL I feel you! I am known as fartgirl. Why do our innerbutts make fart sounds? It’s so horrible. 🙁

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