Bathroom Awkwardness

Ever walk into the bathroom simultaneously with someone and then you both start peeing at the same time (in different stalls, duh)? It’s a little awkward. This is something my friend messaged me:

Something awkward happened at lunch. I went into a bathroom where there were two urinals really close to each other in the corner. Some other dude came in with me.  We both started peeing at the same time; peeing side by side in adjacent urinals is unpleasant at best.  It’s really kind of gay. So anyway, we’re both standing there peeing, listening to the other person tinkle in otherwise complete silence, and you know when you’re just about done peeing – how the pressure drops? Like when you are peeing, your urine is coming out with a certain amount of force and when you are like 90% empty, there’s less pressure pushing out the urine. Anyway, we both hit that 90% mark at EXACTLY the same time.  So at exactly the same time, our urine streams stopped hitting the back of the urinal, and started hitting the water in the bottom of the urinal dude – it was so awkward. I almost felt the need to say something like “Hey – how about that!  We’re piss twins!”

I would have personally gone with “Jinx!”

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