Poop Charmer

I hate going to Walmart, but sometimes you just can’t pass up their low unbeatable prices. I went today to buy a few disposable items for my home, and while I was strolling the aisles a young sales associate started chatting with me. As he was talking I had a sudden bowel movement. It came on strong, and I started to sweat a little. I think my face was contorting as well. Walmart dude noticed, and he took it as me being nervous talking to him. He started putting on his smooth charm thinking I wanted his number, but in reality all I could think about was how much I wanted to run to my toilet and relax my sphincter so I could take a dump. I don’t recall a word he said or what he looked like. All I can remember about that conversation is Shut up Walmart dude, I gotta dump I gotta dump OMG I gotta take a dump leave me alone I gotta dump now! No way I was going to poop at Walmart. I made it home before I soiled myself.

Home of low prices and Casanovas

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