Punxsutawney Poo

Hope everyone had a happy Super Bowl Sunday! Did anyone guess that the Seahawks would pulverize the Broncos like that? I couldn’t predict who was going to win yesterday before the game. I couldn’t even predict that I was going to poop yesterday as I had my morning pee. I sat down for my tinkle and wiped. Pee or poo, I always look in the toilet before I flush. After I wiped, I peeked in the commode before I threw in the toilet paper, and at the bottom of the porcelain bowl there was a small dark shadow. It was poop. I had no idea I pooped; I didn’t feel it coming out, and I definitely didn’t hear it plop in the water. What a great surprise on an early Sunday morning. Here’s to a pooptastic next 6 weeks!

6 Weeks of Poop

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