Pee Pee Period Panties

Have you guys heard about these period panties from THINX? You can basically forgo wearing tampons (if you flow lightly), pads and pantyliners while you’re spewin’ red down there. The most absorbent version (the Hiphugger) can carry up to two tampons worth.The first couple days of my period are the heaviest. I go through four *super* tampons and three pantyliners each day when the sun is up. I wear the ‘liners to catch any overflow if I don’t change my tampon in time. One time I was out running errands, and I went over my two hour tampon time limit and my ‘liner was so soaked that the blood overflowed onto my undies and right through my pants and a bunch of mean girls pointed and laughed at me. It was like junior high all over again, except there wasn’t any actual pointing or laughing this time, but I know they did it silently.

I didn’t want to go through that shame again, so I ordered the Hiphugger Thinx panties. Would these really live up to the hype? I tested them in the shower.  No, I didn’t soak them with the shower water. I put them on and straight up peed into them. I was scared. It was really warm. But the pee stayed put. My period panties were holding a 5-hour-sized bladder full of urine, and it wasn’t leaking. Hallelujah. This was amazing. I mean, it looked like I was wearing water balloon panties because they were so full and ready to burst, but as I stood there very still, I marveled at my indestructible panties full of pee. Then I slapped my butt and pee gushed out the leg holes.

These THINX period panties are all that. I wore the Hiphuggers with a tampon on day 1. Changed my tampon twice that day; no leaks. The undies didn’t even feel wet with all the blood overflow on them. I love these so much I ordered 7 more yesterday. Now I love to sit in my own dirty blood.

Best panties ever.


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