Pee Pee Period Panties

Have you guys heard about these period panties from THINX? You can basically forgo wearing tampons (if you flow lightly), pads and pantyliners while you’re spewin’ red down there. The most absorbent version (the Hiphugger) can carry up to two tampons worth.The first couple┬ádays of my period are the heaviest.

Good Friday

I got my wish. I’ve been constipated for a few days, and my torn sphincter has healed– no more itchy butt. I had a bowel movement this morning after three days of no pooping, it felt like a boulder was going to exit through my bottom. I sat on the

Smooth Poo

I took a fat juicy dump and looked in the toilet to admire my creation. To my horror I saw that my poo was a pinkish red color. About three quarters of the poo looked like it was coated with Pepto-Bismol. I thought it was blood and freaked out. As