I Miss You, Poo

I hate that after I experience mass exodus of diarrhea, I have days of nothingness exiting my butt. I haven’t pooped since my Mentos episode. Three days. It’s like my digestive system cleaned everything out, and I have nothing left to poo. Except I do because my butt feels mighty

Poopoo dance

I hate doing the poopoo dance. It’s very much like the peepee dance, except instead of holding in an exploding bladder, I’m holding in an exploding anus. An exploding anus of exploding diarrhea. I was at the convenience store taking my time looking at snacks. Then all of a sudden,

Turd Burglar

Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods. I ate one yesterday. It was delicious, and everything was fine until 7 hours later my intestines started twisting and bubbling and I had explosive diarrhea at the exact same time my favorite show was about to start. I pushed it out and