Strong Poop

I made a lengthy log in the toilet this morning. It was about 12 inches, and the back edge sat on top of the drain hole with the tip an inch away from the mouth of the hole, while the other end of the log curved like a banana towards

Chipotle Poo

I ate Chipotle last night. I don’t eat there very often, so I was a little slow when deciding what I wanted in my burrito/salad/bowl/whatever else they have, but I was the only person in line so I didn’t try to rush my order. When I got to the salsa

Smelly Christmas

I’ve already gained 3lbs with all this holiday eating, and it’s not even Christmas yet. My weight keeps fluctuating after each dump. I’ll put on a couple pounds, then take off one after each yule log exits my chimney chute. I have been extra gassy these past few days thanks