Long Dung

With all the junk I ate yesterday, my bowels were ready to release the crap this morning. As I sat on the toilet for my first morning pee, I also pooped at the same time. My poo log was so long that it took the entire duration of my pee

Salad Shooter

I had a great week of poops. I’ve been eating salads every day for dinner, and my morning dumps have been fabulous. The logs come out soft and crumble like goat cheese in the toilet, which is a good thing because their girthiness would otherwise cause a torn butthole and

Mass Exodus

It came. The mudslide I’ve been waiting for since last Friday has finally exited my butt. I’ve have a few mediocre turds since then, but nothing satisfactory. This morning’s poo session was glorious. At first it oozed out slowly, then it picked up the pace and started sputtering. My butt