Poo Log: 29 Feb 2016

Type: Diarrhea: Individual mini soft two inch tapered logs
Smell: The worst kind of diarrhea smell: Newborn baby diarrhea
Where: Office bathroom (single room with toilet and sink)
Time: 9 AM
Duration: Couple minutes of pooing, a few more minutes of waiting for extra flushes and for smell to dissipate. Sprayed room with lemon scented air freshener with each flush (to drown out the sound of the stray so passersby in the hallway wouldn’t hear my shame).
What I ate: Breakfast: glass of Kefir. Dinner last night: Beef fajitas and a bowl of blueberries
Poo Satisfaction: 10/10: Full toilet. Tread marks still visible after multiple flushes. No witnesses.
Kind of like this, but not as colorful
Kind of like this, but not as colorful

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