Poo Log: 26 Feb 2016

Type: Explosive diarrhea Smell: Surprisingly mild Where: Round 1: Milk Tea cafe public bathroom Round 2: Home bathroom Time: Round 1: 10:20 PM about 20 minutes after my first sip of milk tea at the cafe Round 2: 11:30 PM immediately after getting home Duration: Round 1: 6 – 7 minutes

Pee is for Power

14:46:11 I have a bowel movement at work. I walk to the bathroom. There is someone in the middle stall peeing heavily. I proceed to the last stall. 14:46:18 I am in the last stall fashioning the toilet with protective seat covering and toilet paper. My stall neighbor is still

I Win

All my constipation and pooping problems have been solved by one thing: water. I’ve increased my water intake and now I have normal bowel movements, my poops slide out my butt smoothly, and I have no more ripped bunghole syndrome. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Because an increase in