another plea to the ladies

my workplace may have been voted one of the top places to work for the past four years, but it is definitely not one of the top places to go number one, two or three (diarrhea cha cha cha).

not only do the women in my building leave gifts and floaters behind, leave pee all over the seats and floor, fart or queef with no shame, but they also (as i witnessed yesterday) drip bloody drops of urine on the floor and don’t bother cleaning it up. maybe i should be alarmed that someone i work with may have a bleeding bladder? nah, most likely its a bloody uterus (you know, that time of the month) and she didn’t bother wiping that last drop of pee from her v’jayjay and it, along with her raggy blood, joined forces and made an annoying splash on the bathroom tile floor. why she didn’t bother cleaning it up is beyond me. gaw, women can be so disgusting sometimes.

Ladies Bathroom

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