Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

I was on vacation and sharing a hotel room with my brother. He was in the bathroom taking a shower, and all of a sudden I had the urge to take a shit. I thought I could hold it for a few minutes until he was done. I couldn’t. The turtle head was coming out full blast. Soon the entire body would be popping out. I looked for a plastic bag in the room to poop in… maybe the hotel laundry bag was disposable. Nope, it was a cloth satchel. Crap. My poop was coming out. Then I looked at the trash can. It was not lined with a plastic bag. Shit. Then I looked at the trash can again. It was a metal container. I’m going to have to take a shit in the trash can. Shit. I didn’t want to, but it was that or my pants. I was about to pop a squat when my brother turned off the water. I ran to the door and told him to get the F out of there. I barely made it to the toilet. So much came out and so fast. It was such a relief.

I can’t believe I was about to shit in a hotel trash can.

I should start carrying these around for myself.

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