Adventures in Family Vacations

My friend recently went on a European family vacation. This is his story:

My dad was so embarassing in Europe. He kept pushing out these huge WET farts with FORCE.  He thought nothing of it. One time it scared some girls next to him, and then they started laughing, and my dad just looked at them like What? It’s so foul, it’s like bleBLAAAAATBLAATT, and I’d look around like “WTF was that?!?” and I’d see my dad. He’d have no response.  He would just keep walking or filming or whatever he was doing. I’m not even sure he’s aware he’s doing it. Everyone in my family seemed unaware, yet everyone in Europe was very aware. Most of the time they weren’t that close together. I heard him do it SHOCKINGLY loud like at least 10 times. It was disgusting. He always farts around the house, but now his farts are wet sounding.  And he uses all his force to give it the most impact. His farts would eat Beano for breakfast.  His farts are not human.

Not intended for aliens.

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