the gift that keeps on giving

i am having the worst gas right now. i farted about 10 minutes ago and i still smell it. you know what im talking about.. you’ve had it too.. super warm flatulence that smells a little like infant diarrhea and is extremely foul. i had farted under the covers earlier, and when i got out of bed 30 minutes later, the air still had the lingering but fading stench. *shivers*

right now im sitting at my computer on a cotton chair pad. the fart from 10 minutes ago is still in the air, and as i bend down to smell my chair padding, the smell is hitting my nose hard. wow. its like the fart has invisible stink molecules embedded into my chair padding and it doesnt want to leave. what the heck did i eat to produce this?! even my dog got up to leave the room.

t's fart o'clock!

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    Great stuff as usual…

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