fashion dilemma

long cardigans & scarves. i love both these articles of clothing, but they totally suck when it comes to pooping and wiping.. you have hold onto the scarf so that the end of it doesn’t touch the front of the toilet bowl, and you also have to hold onto your cardigan so that it doesn’t touch your butt as you’re pooping or wiping.. mostly wiping because it’s possible to accidentally get the cardigan stuck between the toilet paper and your ass, thus using the cardigan to wipe the poo off your crack (not i’ve ever done that, i have cardigan-holding skillz). maybe it’s just me, but i find it difficult to crouch, hover, stay balanced, hold both scarf & cardigan away from privates, grab toilet paper & tear off from roll with one hand (repeat 2-3 times), and wipe (repeat 2-3 times) all at the same time.

long scarf & cardigan

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