Bow Wow Wow!

My dog’s poops have been unbelievably ginormous these past few days. He is a small dog (about 15lbs), but his shits of late look like they came from a rottweiler. I am a petite girl, so I have small hands. It is really hard to pick up his poops with one scoop. They are a lot longer than the width of my hand, so the ends break off and fall into the grass. With a palm full of poo (hand enclosed in poop bag of course), it’s difficult to grab the escaped pieces out of the grass without 1) pulling the grass out by it’s roots, and 2) smearing the poo all over the grass because I can’t get a firm hold on his fecal-ness (because my hand is already piled on with poo). I would be completely SOL if my dog was 60lbs.

This would make life so much easier.

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