Breakfast fart

I said Brrrrrr it’s cold in here! I was walking to my office in my puffy trench coat and I let out a little stinker. It smelled pretty bad, and the rotten air was coming up from my pants through my coat neck hole. I made it to my chair a short time after my toot, and the stinkiness was still coming up. I share an office cube, so I couldn’t take off my coat and torture my coworker with my putrid odor. So I sat down in my seat and waited. I might have sat down too hard because the farty air puffed right up into my nose and might have leaked across the cube up my coworker’s nose. He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he didn’t appreciate the added funk to his morning, especially since he was eating breakfast at the same time.

Part of a nutritional breakfast

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