Neeeehhhh Neh Neh!

My favorite snack of late has been honey roasted walnuts. Tasty, crunchy, glazed little nuggets of sweet heaven in my mouth. I have a problem with portion control when it involves a large bag, can or jar of something delicious. Once I start eating, i can’t stop until the container is empty. So I don’t know if it’s because I have a boatload of walnuts in my stomach or if it’s a side effect of walnut digestion, but I have the craziest sounding stomach and intestinal gurgling after binging on walnuts. It sounds like something inside me shrieking for help. It sounds like garbled yelps and nonsense. And it sounds very embarrassing when everything around you is quiet except your internal walnut farts. Whatev. Merry Christmas!!

My stomach kinda sounds like this…

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