Stretchy Butt

I am been constipated since Christmas. I ate a ton of junk food so I thought I’d at least have a bit of diarrhea exiting my bunghole, but I guess all the slabs of meat I’ve been shoving down my throat has formed a blockage in my anus. Nice visual, right? Anyway, I finally pooped yesterday. First one that came out was girthy and painful. It was rock hard and required a lot of pushing and ehning. About two hours later, I pushed out another boulder. My poor bunghole was getting stretched the eff out.. I was afraid it lost it’s elasticity because by the time the third turd came out, it just fell out. No pushing necessary. My bunghole was stretched beyond repair, and I was sad. Until this morning I pooped again and it required a little bit of pushing. Phew, my small bunghole is back.

Cinch it shut!

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