Good Feeling

I was out eating with friends. After lunch we decided to go shopping. I normally do not use public bathrooms unless I really have to go (because of my abnormal fear of public bathrooms), but I followed my gal pals into the potty dungeon because I wasn’t going home anytime soon, and I’d probably have to pee eventually. I did not have the urge to pee, so I leisurely walked into the stall and hung my purse. I inspected the toilet and the floor.. not too dirty. I looked at the toilet paper dispenser.. empty. There was a roll still in its paper packaging sitting in the corner of the stall on top of a counter. I began tearing the wrapper off when suddenly I had to pee like a racehorse. Standing in the stall somehow made my bladder feel like it was overflowing with urine and it was about to burst any second. I couldn’t get the wrapper completely off. I was using my nails and tearing into it, throwing the packaging on the floor. When I got it all off, I unsuccessfully tried to unroll the toilet paper (I like to line the paper against the inside front of the toilet so it softens the pee-to-toilet contact and minimizes the urine splashies against the bottom of my thighs as I hover over the seat .. yes I know, I’m crazy). Anyway, since it was a fresh roll of toilet paper, the first sheet was still glued to the roll. I began tearing that off, but it only resulted in tiny rips of toilet paper between my fingers. By then I was about to pee in my pants. I was shaking my ass and doing the peepee dance until I was finally able to free a strip of toilet paper. As I peed (in the toilet, not in my pants) I think my eyes rolled back into my head. Sweet relief. That felt good.

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