Tampon Turd

I made a nice oblong poopie in the toilet. It came out smooth and rested nicely in the bowl. When I inspected it closer (because I like to study my dookies), there was a string sticking out one end of the poo log. It made my dookie look like a tampon. I have no idea what I ate that created the fibrous string at the end of the turd. I thought back on what I ate that day and the previous day… toast, potatoes, eggs, corned beef, finely chopped spinach, peanut butter, hot dog, burger, nachos, pizza, spam (yes I eat a lot of disgusting foods)… none of that could have produced the long string-like substance dangling off my Lincoln Log. So I don’t know how my tampon turd came about. One of life’s great mysteries I guess.

My tampon turd was a little bigger (and a little browner)

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