Poo Poo Head

Sometimes my dog makes two poopies in the morning. Usually after the first poop, I’ll pick it up with the poop bag and hold it in my hand without turning the bag inside out as I wait for him to make his second poop. I do this so I can reuse the bag. Both my hands are full at this point: left hand is holding his leash while right hand is holding the poop. Sometimes it takes a while for my dog to pop his second squat for poo #2. I am usually vigilant and aware that I’m holding poo in my dominant hand, but I forgot today when I had a sudden itch on my head. I turned my right hand to the side so I could scratch my head with the top of my hand, but I didn’t turn it enough because I ended up smearing dog shit in my hair. And to make matters worse it was windy. FML.

LOLZ you idiot human

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