Evil Cheese

My digestive system is fickle when it comes to dairy. Sometimes I can consume massive amounts of it and my bowels will be fine. Other times it feels like I am about to birth the prince of darkness from my anus. The latter was the case when I had a few bites of macaroni and cheese. Maybe it had spoiled or something (though it was still delicious) because an hour later I farted, and it smelled like the kiss of death. It was so bad I had to leave the room. I went into the kitchen for refuge and waited 5 minutes. When I came back to the scene of the crime, the smell was still very strong. It was so bad that I could not handle it for more than a few seconds and had to leave the area again. There have not been very many instances where I couldn’t handle my own fart, but this time my fart defeated me. I threw out the rest of the Mac ‘n Cheese a.k.a. the Seed of Satan.


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  1. nicknick | | Reply

    So hilarious story! I love the description of the deadliness of your own gas. it’s so funny! Keep it up!!!

    Well, my farts sometimes are extremely bad, like a thick cloud of toxic fumes staying for few minutes in enclosed area. But I don’t remember the time that I couldn’t handle it… I don’t know, maybe I’m fart-proof 😀 But to tell you the truth, no matter how bad my farts are, the smell of mine doesn’t bother me… I can say I kinda like the smell of my farts (no matter how weird I sound, but that’s true). Maybe few times I really had to open a window, because I was so gassy and letting ones that can stink the room for 10-15 minutes. But the worst in it was the fact, I was passing them like every 5 minutes! So after an hour sitting in that room I was feeling literally dizzy! And I had to open the window, although it was very cold outside…

    Moreover, reading your blog I need to admit I see you as my alter ego when it comes to farting. 😉 If we had been a couple, we’d probably have no problem with stomach cramps caused by holding gas. But it’s hard to imagine to myself how bad it would be if one day we both had been having farts like that on the same time… LOL

  2. pooter | | Reply

    Most of the time my fart stinkiness makes me proud, and I sit there soaking in the aroma. So I felt quite defeated when I couldn’t handle this one. Maybe I’m just becoming more sensitive 😛 Your fart smells + my fart smells would just be double trouble!

  3. nicknick | | Reply

    Yeah! But that’s weird why you reacted to this one like that… Usually the farter seems to like (or at least tolerate) the aroma of his own farts… Maybe that one you describer was extremely BAD! That bad, like it could win every fart contest 😉
    Lol So if you – the farter couldn’t handle it, I’m curious how do others would react when they took a whiff of this stink bomb 😉

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