Overheard Today

Eavesdropping on a neighboring conversion is often fun and amusing. Today’s convo:

I just went into the bathroom to shit.  All of a sudden someone stormed in, went to the last stall, and slammed the door.  That person put down a bunch of bags, and I couldn’t help but notice the person was wearing women’s pumps. Suddenly I freaked out and was scared I went into the ladies’ room by mistake. So I sat there wiping quietly.  Some more people came in.  After a while they started talking.  Men’s voices — thank god. I got out of the stall and the lady in the next stall was like “Uh – is this the men’s room?”  and I said “yup,” so she said “OK, tell me when it’s safe to leave.”  I just washed my hands and left.  Hopefully the guys still in there didn’t leave her trapped in there. I feel bad – I should have told her it was safe to come out because all the guys were zipped up, but I just left. I bet she’s still in there.

At least the woman in the story used a stall. Seeing this girl's bare skin touching the urinal makes me want to vomit.

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