Bloated Yoga

I made the mistake of eating a pint of ice cream before yoga. Normally, eating anything before yoga makes me bloated and upsets my stomach as I’m yoga-ing. I am lactose intolerant, so eating ice cream was a double No-No (a No not just before working out, but a No in general if I’m going to be in close proximity to people). The ice cream was so good I didn’t care about the consequences, and I ate it. However, I cared an hour later when the yoga instructor decided we were using the roll with our poses. She made us lie with our abdominal area on top of the roll. Doing that on an empty stomach is difficult and painful. Doing that on a bloated stomach and intestines full of gas… I thought my butt was going to pop and release rancid vapors everywhere. I held it as best I could, but it hurt so much I actually whimpered. I could no longer hold the pose, so I let out a defeated sigh which sounded a lot like a croaking frog. That immediately took off the pressure from my abdominal area, and I was able to keep in my fart. Thank goodness because I know the stench would have been hot ‘n thick, and it would have stuck around for a while especially in a humid room full of sweaty yogis.


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