Itchy Fartbox

I finally pooped a couple days ago. Phew- I guess I don’t have worms, but my bunghole does kind of itch. That’s because I tore it, or rather the massive brick that was stored in my anus for three days tore me a new one as I was pushing it out my fartbox. And since that dump, I’ve gone a few more times. Every time I’ve pooped it feels like my tear is getting bigger, and it gets itchier. It’s actually pretty disgusting. Imagine having an open wound and then smearing poop inside that wound. That’s basically what’s happening each time I poop. I’m almost wishing I was constipated again so my torn butthole will heal without being contaminated with feces, but I know the first dump post-constipation phase will just rip it right open again. It’s so itchy. Must resist scratching butthole.

Must resist, but it feels so good to scratch.

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