My Bad.

Careful what you wish for. I got my wish of multi-poos back. Not sure if it’s the same stomach virus, but I’ve diarrhea’d twice this morning already. The second time was at work. My stomach was feeling super sour and achy before my butt blew out over the toilet. I sat there for a while inhaling my diarrhea fumes until my abdominal pains subsided. I probably should have courtesy flushed, but whatever. As long as nobody walked in, it was all good. Then two women walked in. That was my cue to wipe and go. I flushed the toilet which swirled all the stagnant fumes and threw them in the air. The lady in the stall next to mine immediately gagged. Oops, my bad. I was that person who stank up the bathroom. I felt really bad and was tempted to apologize, but instead I ran out of there before they could identify me.

Sorry 🙁

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