Old Farts

Big props to my grandparents for having the foulest bowels in my family. They stayed over the weekend in my guest room, which is one room down from mine. The guest bath is deep inside that room and around the corner. My grandmother made a number two in there with

Seeing Green

I made a big number two in the toilet and when I took a peek, it was all green. Bright green. I went through a list of all the foods I ate today: cereal, yogurt, fruit, peanut butter sandwich, chocolate, gummy bears, potatoes, chicken, red bell peppers.. hmm none of

Red Alert

I finally had a bowel movement and made #2 in the office bathroom today. I had to push a little, but it came out and it was glorious. However, I made an embarrassing discovery after I did my business. There are new bright light bulbs installed in the bathroom. As