magic holiday diet

i have found the answer to maintaining/losing weight over the holidays while eating everything and anything you want..

yogurt. expired yogurt.* by a week. but DO NOT EAT SPOILED YOGURT. only expired yogurt… up to 7-10 days after the printed expiration date on the container. it will wake up your insides and you will produce massive amounts of poo (not diarrhea! at least not for me). shit, you may even clog your toilet, but it is so worth it to maintain your weight (and even maybe lose a few pounds) while eating all that yummy holiday junk.

again, DO NOT EAT SPOILED YOGURT! your health is important! how can you tell it’s spoiled? usually by the smell, and definitely by the taste. if it’s over 10 days expired, just throw it away. i had 10 day old pumpkin pie flavored yogurt about 1.5 hours ago. i made a big fat soft log in the toilet 5 minutes ago. i already feel 2lbs lighter! yay me! thanks, expired yogurt!

*warning: expired yogurt will give you hellacious gas and may cause sour or upset stomach. eat at your own risk. and as always, drink plenty of fluids!


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