I made #3 (diarrhea) today. No biggie, except it would not flush down the toilet. So much came out that I guess the weight of it caked itself on the bottom of the toilet bowl under the surface of the water. I thought two flushes would get at least 99.9% of the poo remnants down the pipes, but it wasn’t budging. After 5 flushes and a few gallons of wasted water later, the poo was still stuck to the porcelain. That is the stickiest poo I’ve ever pooed in my history of pooing. I waited a few hours until I came back and flushed one more time to get the rest down the drain. I guess 6th time’s a charm (plus a few hours of soaking).

I would have, but I didn't want to get poo in between my toilet brush bristles.

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