Choppin’ Broccoli with my Butt

You really are what you eat. I ate Lucky Charms, and like the last time I had it and pooped the next day, my turd was green. But before I ate the Lucky Charms, I had a bowl of broccoli and vegetable dip. So my poo was not only tinted green on the outside, but on the inside of the log’s wall of turd was bunches of soggy broccoli crowns. There was so much green in the toilet, it’s a shame I didn’t poo this on the 17th.

Broccoli = Poo. Broccoli Poo = Awesome.

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  1. Nice | | Reply

    Your a fat poo with no respect for green beans,

  2. pooter | | Reply

    Thanks! By the way, Your should be You’re

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