If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been taking L-carnitine and that my poops have been glorious. I usually have one massive poop a day, but sometimes I produce two mediocre dumps. A side effect of L-carnitine is a decrease in appetite. This is slightly true because I have not been eating as much, but yesterday I was a hungry fast-food-craving hippo so I had a greasy burger for lunch. I had already pooped twice yesterday: once in the morning and once before lunch. When I got home from work, I pooped again. I did not expect it to be a satisfying poop since I had already gone twice, but when I began to wipe I took a peek at what I made, and staring back at me was a giant brown snake poking out of the water saying hello. I think this was my greasy burger in fecal form. If that’s true, then I can eat all the junk I want for lunch because I’ll poop it out in a few hours. I guess I’ll test this for the remainder of the week and see if I gain any weight.

One shit burger coming up!

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