Shanna and Peanuts

Mr. Jergens: Circus peanuts! Everybody loves these! Do you want one?

Shanna: Are they real peanuts?

Mr. Jergens: No, why? Are you allergic?

Shanna: I just have a hard time digesting them. One time I ate a bunch of peanuts, and I had a pain near my belly button. So the doctor told me he needed a stool sample, and I had to poop in the tiniest, cutest little white cup. And then the doctor and I looked at it, and there were peanuts everywhere! Whole peanuts! Regular-sized peanuts! Totally undigested peanuts! Fully-formed peanuts! They were so normal I could have eaten them again. I’m not going to tell you if I did or not, let’s just say the doctor threw up.

Also in the vid: her awesome fartness at 6:07

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