Rip Torn Itch

I walked into the office bathroom needing to take a really bad dump. There was a woman at the sink applying her makeup. I hate an audience, but I really had to go. I waddled to the furthest stall and pooped as fast as I could. Suddenly I hear the lady brushing her teeth. I felt really grossed out.. not for me but for her. Who wants to brush their teeth while someone is popping out turds only a few feet away? So I pushed as hard as I could, and I used my hands to spread my cheeks apart to help the log slide out a little easier so I could finish pooping faster. Unfortunately I pulled a little too hard because when I wiped, there was red spots on the toilet paper. But what really sucks is the lady finished brushing her teeth almost immediately after I spread ’em, so the ripping of the bunghole was for nothing. And now my bunghole itches.

Powerful hands cause rippage

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