Night Terror

I had my reoccurring nightmare again last night thanks to my unhealthy fear of public restrooms. I had to pee, so I found myself in a dark and dirty public bathroom. Every stall I checked had either urine on the floor or on the toilet seat. When I finally found a somewhat decent stall, upon closer inspection the floor had drops of urine and so did the toilet seat. No amount of toilet paper or paper seat protectors could soak up the piss. And to make my nightmare worse, I looked down and I WAS NOT WEARING ANY SHOES!!!! My feet were slightly protected because I was in socks, but that only meant my feet were soaking up the puddles of urine on the dirty bathroom tile floor. I think I started crying in my dream. I woke up in a panic and immediately took off my sleep socks.

The socks in my dream looked like these. I do not own any socks like these in real life.

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