I did the unthinkable today. I sat on someone else’s pee.

I went to the bathroom to take a mad dump, and I lined the toilet seat with the protective paper and a few layers of toilet paper (for triple butt-protection). However, that wasn’t enough because when I sat down, I immediately felt my thighs get wet. I dismissed it as just my imagination to keep myself from freaking out. I pushed my turd out as fast as I could; wiped, turned around, and inspected the paper seat cover. It was indeed soaked through with drops of urine. My eyes had failed me when I did a quick look over at the toilet before I put on the seat cover. Dammit. I guess I do need the Potty Pax. Except instead of throwing it in the washer, I’d burn it after a single use.

Someone please make these with a waterproof wax coating on top!

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