My dog is a beast when it comes to pooping. This morning he dropped four turds. They went from hard to soft to watery. I got out my doggy poo bag and proceeded to pick each one up in the same bag (’cause I don’t like to waste bags when I don’t have to). I have small lady hands, so I already had a handful after I picked up the first pile. Upon grabbing the second and third poopie, I inched my hand along the inside of the bag towards the edge to clear up some fingers so I could pick up the dookies. When I got to the fourth turd, I moved my hand a little more around the inside of the bag to the outer edge and grabbed the rest. Keep in mind that doggy poo bags are not that big. This is something I wish I realized before I picked up the last pile of squishy poo. My fingers were at the edge of the bag, and when I bent them they became fully exposed, but I didn’t notice until I had my bare fingers knee-deep (knuckle-deep?) in dog shit. It was all up in my fingernails. Great start to the week. Thanks, Monday!

These cute bags are not meant to carry four or more turds

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