Steamy Buns

I was at hot yoga last night. My class is typically full of women, but I was surrounded by men. It was no biggie until we had to bend over and all of a sudden a yeasty fishy smell hit my nose. Is it possible for men to have a yeast infection? No, right? The scent was strong, and it only appeared whenever my nose was at waist level. Then I thought maybe it was me (even though I was not experiencing any not-so-fresh feelings), so I discreetly sniffed my own privates. I was probably not as smooth and secretive as I thought I was being. I guess it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing when your body is contorted that way. I sniffed a couple times and it was all clear on my end.

It was torture every time we had to do a halfway lift. The steamy smell of stinky fish was making my eyes water, and the heat and humidity only intensified it. I still have no idea where the smell came from. Maybe one of the guys had just pooped after eating sushi and he didn’t wipe very well. Just thinking about it is making me reconsider going to yoga tonight.

Stinky fish up your nose pose

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